Last year, my brother-in-law and his wife hosted Thanksgiving at their new country home in Greenwell Springs, LA. I wanted to contribute to the holiday decor and settled on making festive centerpieces. After reading The Nester’s blog post on grocery store centerpieces, I was dying to try this pumpkin project for myself.

I visited our local LeBlanc’s and picked up a few sets of brightly colored but fall inspired bouquets and collard greens.

In addition to flowers, I purchased 3 small pie pumpkins.


First step is cutting a hole in the top of each pumpkin, remove the slushy insides so that you can fit a small cup of water for the flowers.

Final step is arranging the flowers, cutting them in half first and using your creative eye to get it just right. The major tip that The Nester had for this centerpiece were the collard greens.



They create a beautiful border between the flowers and the pumpkin. Otherwise, the flowers look very awkward sticking straight out of the pumpkin.


These arrangements were absolutely beautiful on Thanksgiving day. Such a simple idea brought a very bold look for the table.


Right after Thanksgiving last year, I headed down to Grand Isle for the long holiday weekend. I brought two of the arrangements with me so that we could enjoy the fall flare all weekend.


You can tell my sister Emily and my Dad were very involved in their Black Friday online shopping. Can’t miss out on those sales!

If you haven’t decided on your fall centerpiece yet for Thanksgiving, maybe give this a try. It’s inexpensive and really brings that “extra something” you want for your Thanksgiving spread.


I will be creating these again this year but am visualizing added flare such as feathers or antlers. Sounds fun, right?!

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