Follow me, the bayou gypsy.


Hey everyone!

I joined Bloglovin’ today and you can follow me HERE! This site is an incredible way for me to share my blog with not only other bloggers but also many more readers. It’s a much better way for me to also follow some of my own favorite bloggers, all in one place! This is a must if you are following more than one blog and want it consolidated in a one stop shop.

In other exciting news, I was recently asked to be a contributor on My Trending Stories. My Trending Stories is a new website seeking to inform readers about the latest news and events occurring globally and aims to be one of the biggest blogging websites on the world wide web. Somehow this bayou gypsy got noticed and they believe my writing aligns with their core values. The site is focused on helping writers grow and reaching a larger audience. Perfect for me since I’m an itty bitty spec in the blogosphere right now. I will be able to share posts directly from the bayou gypsy but also may post additional articles specifically on My Trending Stories. Links up will be available so that you know each time I add something to this new site. If you are interested, please join and follow me HERE.

This is all very exciting for this gypsy girl. I hope to expand my reach just a little more with this new connections.

Don’t forget to wander with me on…Instagram, Facebook Pinterest and YouTube.




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