Fence Face Lift.

As most of you know, we have been saving for new farm fencing for quite a while now. Not only did we want to replace the dilapidated existing fence but also construct a dog yard in the back of the house for our trio of pooches. Of course we had plans to start this project … More Fence Face Lift.

Beating the Heat.

Sorry for such a delay in posting this summer. Between vacations and preparing for our fence face lift, there hasn’t been much downtime for this gypsy girl to keep everyone updated. In the meantime, I wanted to share a fun frozen treat experiment I tried for the horses and chickens this past weekend in attempt … More Beating the Heat.

Amazon Prime Day!

What’s awesome about Amazon PRIME Day? Big sales and the wonderful perk of FREE shipping even if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member. I already placed an order today and wanted to share one of the wonderful sales I came across during my morning scroll. A couple years ago I purchased my first Cricut Explore … More Amazon Prime Day!

Bayou Bunkhouse

When we first decided to add chickens to the farm, I wasn’t quite sure what type of coop would fit our needs. Because we are located in a flood zone, I felt a chicken tractor would be the best option for us, allowing relocation to higher ground if needed. We plan on free ranging but like … More Bayou Bunkhouse