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Christmas at the Farm 2017.

The Lord blessed South Louisiana with an early Christmas miracle a couple weeks ago…6” of snow! Yes, you read that right. Snow in Louisiana. I’ve experienced Louisiana snowfall a couple times in my lifetime but nothing as heavy and long lasting as this one. Witnessing this spectacular event at our farm with all the animals… Continue reading Christmas at the Farm 2017.

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Spring at the Farm 2017.

With each new season comes many different changes and Spring, by far, is my favorite season of all. The birds are having babies, the flowers are blooming, the grass is green and growing like wildfire, the wind is blowing, the horses are losing their winter coats and the days are long enough to fit in… Continue reading Spring at the Farm 2017.

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Winter Wanderings, Part 2

Since purchasing the property last year, I have longed for raised garden beds in front of our barn bursting with fresh vegetables, organically grown on our little piece of land. In order for us to have a prosperous garden this Spring, work on the farm starts early, as early as January. As soon as a long weekend hit… Continue reading Winter Wanderings, Part 2

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Winter Wanderings, Part 1

Winter on the farm this year hasn’t been much of a winter but it surely has left its mark. After wearing shorts on Christmas, the normal high has been around 75°, sometimes 80°. And don’t get me started on the humidity from all the rain falling from the sky. But, all of that disappeared when… Continue reading Winter Wanderings, Part 1

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Christmas at the Farm 2016.

It’s been a little quiet here on the blog but that doesn’t mean gypsy life isn’t crazy hectic as usual. I’m in the midst of one of my busiest seasons– the holidays. Me and my cowboy had been so busy with farm projects and juggling work life with our new found farm life that the… Continue reading Christmas at the Farm 2016.

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Fall at the Farm 2016.

Our first fall at the farm has proven to be busy but bountiful. I have fallen in love with our newest rescue Freedom. Amazingly, his calm energy hasn’t budged since his arrival. We thought it was due to him being in a new environment but after a month of being with us, he is still… Continue reading Fall at the Farm 2016.

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Not Your Normal Centerpiece.

Last year, my brother-in-law and his wife hosted Thanksgiving at their new country home in Greenwell Springs, LA. I wanted to contribute to the holiday decor and settled on making festive centerpieces. After reading The Nester's blog post on grocery store centerpieces, I was dying to try this pumpkin project for myself. I visited our local LeBlanc's and picked up… Continue reading Not Your Normal Centerpiece.