Christmas at the Farm 2017.

Christmas at the Farm Graphic

The Lord blessed South Louisiana with an early Christmas miracle a couple weeks ago…6” of snow! Yes, you read that right. Snow in Louisiana.

Boots in the Snow

I’ve experienced Louisiana snowfall a couple times in my lifetime but nothing as heavy and long lasting as this one. Witnessing this spectacular event at our farm with all the animals made it even more special.

Chickens in Snow

Chickens in Snow 3

My cowboy was away for the week hunting in Tensas Parish and called me before he got in the deer stand that morning to tell me the good news. I couldn’t contain my emotion. I actually wept as I walked from room to room, looking out the windows in amazement and shouting with excitement. As everyone knows, this year has been difficult in regards to our infertility and our early adoption journey. The combination of heavy emotions on my heart and the joy of the Lord brought me to my knees in tears. Watching the beautiful blanket of snow cover the landscape was a big hug from God, letting me know once again He’s here, on earth and all around. It was so very beautiful and moving.

Mutt & Jeff

Back of the House with Christmas Tree

Fence line with snow

My husband might think I’m slightly crazy (or maybe just hormonal) because I cried when I saw the snow but that’s ok. What else is new?

Barn & Coop & Fence

Side of Barn

Every little corner of the farm was covered in white, creating a magical winter wonderland for me and the animals to enjoy.

Deer Target in Snow

Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets Sign in Snow

The horses didn’t quite know what to think of the snow. Sparkle was already out in it when I walked to the barn that morning but Freedom was very hesitant. He watched for a good while before venturing out in the open.


Once daylight broke, Sparkle and Freedom walked to the cozy back corner of the pasture to explore.

Horses in the Snow 2

Horses in Back Pasture 3

There’s something about horses in the snow that is absolutely stunning. These are some of my favorites captured that morning. I took a step back and allowed them to discover this new adventure without interfering with their experience.

Horses in Back Pasture

Horses in Back Pasture 2

Sparkle in back pasture

Once they realized the grass was covered in snow and unavailable for their consumption, Sparkle and Freedom began eating the leaves off the trees. It was quite the sight watching them pull on the branches and munch on the leaves.

Freedom eating tree leaves

Freedom eating leaves

Horses in Back Pasture 4

After spending quality time with the horses, I ventured back to the house to check on the Gypsy Chicks. They were still pretty much hunkered down in the coop when I left them.

Jeff in the Coop

To my surprise Mutt & Jeff, our newest residents of Cypress Bayou Farm, were the first to really get out and about in the snow. And if you are wondering what’s interesting about Jeff, it is his top hat hair. He is a Buff Laced Polish rooster and does everything in style. He has better hair than me!

Mutt & Jeff 2

Mutt is a Mottled Cochin Bantam rooster and has the sweetest personality. He’s sort of a ninny in a way but I would rather that than an aggressive rooster.

Mutt in Snow 2

Pretty soon, all the girls were making a run for it and romping through snow, crunching with each step.

Spice Girls in Snow

Between the chickens and the horses, my heart was overflowing with an abundance of gratitude.

Freedom in Barn 2

When I walked to the front of our house, I had to stop and marvel at its simplistic beauty. Andrew’s grandfather’s red bell stood out in the white snow, adding to the Christmas feel of our snow-capped farmhouse.

House Front

House Front in Snow 2

The view down our road was unrecognizable and gorgeous.

Street View 2

Street View 3

Even the next day, there was still quite a good amount of snow leftover. Anyone familiar with the great bayou state of Louisiana, that is unheard of around here.

Snow on the railing

Jeff in second day of snow

I told you everything Jeff does is in style and maybe with a little bit of attitude. Just maybe.

Jeff in second day of snow 2

Because I took so many videos of the animals enjoying our first snow at the farm, I created a video for you to enjoy.

Thank you for following along this picture diary of our Christmas snowfall at Cypress Bayou Farm. During the hustle and bustle of this season, may you cherish the simple things, feel the peace of God and know the light of Christ.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Cypress Bayou Farm!

Homestead with Sunset

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