Our greatest adventure ever…We’re Adopting!

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For those of you who regularly follow this blog and have kept up with our desire for a family, you already know the pain and heartache of our 4 year battle with infertility. Last year, we came face to face with our reality when we were given the official diagnosis of male factor infertility. Our fertility specialist felt confident he could get us pregnant through In Vitro Fertilization with Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (IVF with ICSI). At the time, we were thankful for the diagnosis but the treatment plan brought up personal and heavy moral discussions. There was an unsettling feeling when I thought about IVF and I truly felt in my heart that wasn’t the path for us. Although Andrew wanted to explore every avenue, he respected my decision and continued to believe in a miracle.

The Lord placed on my heart shortly after our diagnosis to wait (you can read more about that here). I wasn’t sure what we were waiting for but the message was clear – wait on the Lord. We took a giant step back from our infertility and agreed not to pursue IVF or anything else this past year. Our hearts needed time to grieve and heal from the burden we carried day after day, month after month, year and year. The raw feelings could be suffocating at times. I kept crying out to God and praying for His will. I didn’t understand all the pain and heartache but I trusted His plan. When I reached a point of acceptance and was ready to pursue adoption, Andrew wasn’t on the same page and remained grappled with the grief of our diagnosis. He felt as if we were giving up on our miracle if we pursued adoption. Ultimately, he just wasn’t yet ready. It was at that time I was reminded again of the Lord’s message to me many months ago about waiting. During the wait on my precious husband, the Lord continued to give me the strength I needed to press on in faith.

Philipians 4, 6-7 (v3)

Coming to grips with the diagnosis of male factor infertility was hard for me, but it was even harder for Andrew. It is in a man’s DNA to procreate, sow their seed and continue their legacy.  When one is told conception is highly unlikely without reproductive intervention, you can imagine the large range of emotions that ensued. I watched him process the pain, grieve the loss and open his heart over the course of this year. It hasn’t been easy and this walk of infertility hasn’t been without many tears. We watched families expand all around us while we remained standing still in our journey for a family.

Over time, adoption discussions would surface but it was apparent neither one of us were in the right frame of mind to agree on the subject. And then, one day, we broached the topic again, only to find us both on the same page and ready to move forward with adoption. On that wonderful afternoon in our farmhouse living room, I felt the Lord hug my heart.

Isaiah 14-27

As of today, my cowboy and I are finally ready to expand our family in the form of adoption. Although we are still waiting on a new addition to our Spivey farm family, it is an incredible blessing to be on the path of adoption after so many hard months of disagreement, grief and loss.

We can’t express our gratitude enough to all those who have prayed for us and with us, encouraged us and loved us along this journey. The support of our family, friends, Sarah’s Laughter support group and church community has been overwhelming the past few years. We have experienced the love of God in not only the people in our life but amazingly, our precious farm family too. Without each piece of the puzzle, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Andrew and I brought our needs to the feet of Jesus time and time again, remaining faithful to the Lord’s plan for our life. We know the ending of this story will be bigger and better than we can imagine.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on the second half of this journey. The best is yet to come my sweet friends!

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Remembering the Great Flood of 2016

Remembering the Great Flood Graphic

As we enter this weekend, I am reminded of the biggest flood in Louisiana history, the Great Flood of 2016. Our small corner of the world was pummeled with massive amounts of rainfall at the end of the week of August 12, 2016, followed by devastating flooding in 20 parishes as the water flowed south through rivers, creeks and bayous. By August 15, more than ten rivers (Amite, Vermilion, Calcasieu, Comite, Mermentau, Pearl, Tangipahoa, Tchefuncte, Tickfaw and Bogue Chitto) and many more had reached a moderate, major, or record flood stage. One word that seems to describe what Louisiana experienced – HISTORIC. The thunderstorms rolled in on that Thursday and didn’t leave until Saturday. It simply settled in one spot and didn’t move, causing record rainfall and flooding of creeks, bayous and rivers. My small town of Zachary received nearly 30 inches over the course of 2 days. According to one report, this “no name storm” dropped the equivalent of 7.1 trillion gallons of water or enough to fill Lake Pontchartrain about four times. Now, wrap your mind around that.

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Life of a Gypsy Chick.

Life of a Gypsy Chick

Ever wondered what a typical day looks like for one of the Gypsy Chicks here at Cypress Bayou Farm?

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Fence Face Lift.

Fence Facelift Graphic

As most of you know, we have been saving for new farm fencing for quite a while now. Not only did we want to replace the dilapidated existing fence but also construct a dog yard in the back of the house for our trio of pooches. Of course we had plans to start this project last year but an entire host of house repairs ensued including termite treatment, repairs and prevention which soaked up our funds like a sponge. We finally reached our savings goal earlier this year and started designing and planning for our fence face lift. You can view our property design plan here.

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Beating the Heat.

Beating the Heat

Sorry for such a delay in posting this summer. Between vacations and preparing for our fence face lift, there hasn’t been much downtime for this gypsy girl to keep everyone updated. In the meantime, I wanted to share a fun frozen treat experiment I tried for the horses and chickens this past weekend in attempt to beat the ever rising heat of our Louisiana summer.

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