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Picking up the Pieces.

Failed adoptions happen to other people, not us, right? Wrong. Since my last post, Andrew and I jumped headfirst into our adoption journey and quickly pursued a situation that literally fell into our lap. On a Tuesday we hopped on the adoption train and that Friday, we received a phone call about the unique adoption… Continue reading Picking up the Pieces.

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Our greatest adventure ever…We’re Adopting!

For those of you who regularly follow this blog and have kept up with our desire for a family, you already know the pain and heartache of our 4 year battle with infertility. Last year, we came face to face with our reality when we were given the official diagnosis of male factor infertility. Our… Continue reading Our greatest adventure ever…We’re Adopting!

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Remembering the Great Flood of 2016

As we enter this weekend, I am reminded of the biggest flood in Louisiana history, the Great Flood of 2016. Our small corner of the world was pummeled with massive amounts of rainfall at the end of the week of August 12, 2016, followed by devastating flooding in 20 parishes as the water flowed south through rivers,… Continue reading Remembering the Great Flood of 2016

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Life of a Gypsy Chick.

Ever wondered what a typical day looks like for one of the Gypsy Chicks here at Cypress Bayou Farm? They normally start their day bursting out of the coop and heading to Freedom's stall to pick up any feed that falls. He's still struggling with some teeth issues and drops a ton of feed the… Continue reading Life of a Gypsy Chick.

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Fence Face Lift.

As most of you know, we have been saving for new farm fencing for quite a while now. Not only did we want to replace the dilapidated existing fence but also construct a dog yard in the back of the house for our trio of pooches. Of course we had plans to start this project… Continue reading Fence Face Lift.

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Beating the Heat.

Sorry for such a delay in posting this summer. Between vacations and preparing for our fence face lift, there hasn’t been much downtime for this gypsy girl to keep everyone updated. In the meantime, I wanted to share a fun frozen treat experiment I tried for the horses and chickens this past weekend in attempt… Continue reading Beating the Heat.

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Best Zucchini Bread EVER.

Since we are still overflowing with zucchini at the farm, I’ve been making zucchini bread like a mad woman. Andrew loves it as a breakfast bread with butter and honey but I enjoy mine plain with a big cup of coffee. Whatever you fancy, this zucchini bread will fit the bill. After sharing a loaf… Continue reading Best Zucchini Bread EVER.