Weekend Cricut Creations

Finished Project - Dog Food Container

That face, her spots, those ears – too much cuteness all rolled into one little pooch! But the point of this post is really to share the personalized dog food containers she is proudly standing next to in our utility room.

I purchased these Bergan Stak-N-Stor Stackable Storage from Amazon, of course. They hold 24 gallons of dry dog food and are just the right size for the room.

Dog Food Container Plain

Once I set them up, I knew some vinyl letters would be the perfect accessory. Since our girl Abby James is more of a tom boy and pink doesn’t quite suit our rough and tumble chick, I chose a bright turquoise vinyl for her container. My sweet Dixie darlin’ is hot pink all day long.

Color Choices - Dog Food Container

The Cricut worked its magic. I worked on some weeding of the outside vinyl portions and in a few minutes, they were ready to adhere.

Names Cut Out - Dog Food Container

I use clear contact paper at this point which allows me to line up the appliques and the flexibility of moving it around if I don’t get it right the first placement.

Dog Food Container Final

I may add some extras to the names but I haven’t decided on the perfect graphic. My inner organizer is so happy to have the dog food bags out of the way. They were such an eye sore  before but now we have everything in its place, name tags and all.

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