Santa Fe Skinny, Part 2


Last post I covered Bandelier National Monument and today, I’m giving you all the details of our snowmobiling adventures. A couple months ahead of our trip, Andrew began researching hot spots to rent snowmobiles and discovered Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures in The Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico. Bobcat Pass is located between Red River, NM and Eagle Nest, NM and is actually the highest mountain pass in New Mexico at 9,820 feet. It is about a 2 hour drive from Santa Fe but lucky for us, we enjoy road trips together and the New Mexico views along the way are pretty spectacular.


That, my friends, is the Rio Grande. At first, I was disappointed I couldn’t get a shot without a car passing by but looking at it now, the small car in reference to the huge split in the earth puts its size in perspective. Seeing the river cut through this majestic canyon was something I won’t forget. I remember standing there, again feeling incredibly small in this wonderful country of ours.

When we drove into Red River, NM, you immediately understand why people travel to quaint ski resort towns during the winter. It’s a little piece of small town America that you see in the movies.

A couple months prior on Christmas Eve, the Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventure lodge burned to the ground. Fortunately, their snow mobiles were parked across the street and were unharmed. They were able to run the business out of a small building on Main Street and even though there was lots of commotion in a tight space, the owners were accommodating and very friendly.

Andrew and I got suited up, picked out our snowmobiles and were ready for some play time in the snow.


We look pretty fierce don’t we?

The guides gave us a tour of the small slopes,  letting us know which areas to be cautious of and which areas to let it rip.


Andrew and I raced each other every chance we could get, zipping off the hills at high speeds. I think I impressed my husband a bit that day. He was concerned I was going to be a ninnie and not have enough confidence in myself on the snowmobile. He was wrong!



There was even a spot to enjoy some good ole’ clean fun, sledding down a hill.


These are some of my favorite pictures of Andrew, smiling big like a kid.

All of the snow activities wore me out and I had to rest for a minute at one point. I knew the snowmobiles would be a work out but I had no idea it would be that hard. This was at a time when I was in really, really good shape too. I was exhausted after 2 hours of driving that thing. My butt was sore, my hands cramped up and my abs hurt in places I didn’t know existed. Ripping and riding through the snow was worth every sore muscle ache.


On the ride back to Santa Fe, NM, we again pulled off the road and began snapping stunning pictures of the sunset.


Me and my cowboy work very well on road trips. He likes to take his time, enjoying all the views, living in the moment and taking the road less traveled. I’m right along with him, telling him to pull over as I stand in the middle of the highway to take this unforgettable shot.


I realize during moments like this how much I enjoy traveling with him, experiencing new places. This was our second time to New Mexico together but our trip was altogether different this go round.


Our marriage was in a different place this time than on our honeymoon. We were so naive when we first got married, oblivious to the trials and tribulations we would face when joining our lives together. At that particular time last year, we had been through the fire and were on the other side of it, about to begin a fresh start in a new town with a little piece of land for our dream farm. Each sunrise and each sunset took on a different meaning. Each valley we visited and each adventure we experienced was something we were doing together as a team, stronger than before.

 Stay tuned for our favorite spa locations in New Mexico. You won’t want to miss that post!

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