Living Among the Wildflowers.

You Belong Among the Wildflowers

Since our fumigation, we assessed the damage and are awaiting the custom cut cypress to arrive so that work can begin. Since we have a short waiting period before repairs start, we went ahead and treated the soil for the native subterranean termites and formosan termites. The subterranean termite needs a soil source to survive and require a different treatment method than the drywood termites. I’m becoming quite the expert on termites!

It’s a good thing we treated because our area experienced a major native subterranean termite swarm this week. It’s shocking that something so incredibly tiny can be so destructive.


The subterranean termites swarm during the Spring and sometimes fall in an attempt to find a mate and start new colonies. Their wings will drop off and they crawl all over the ground and sometimes make thier way inside your home. Awesome. You know you live in the country when your pest technician is on speed dial. He reassured me we were protected with our recent treatment and although some swarmers will make it inside our home, they will quickly die without a soil source. Phew, I can relax now!

On another note, me and Sparkle are becoming fast friends. She still has an undeniable connection with Andrew but she’s warming up to me. I have recently assumed the morning routine of feeding, cleaning her stall and bringing her out to pasture. This quiet time together has allowed us more time to bond with one another. When I greet her each morning and pat her gently, there’s a beautiful unspoken understanding between the two of us. I can’t really put it into words.

Morning Routine 2

I love those small moments of silence with her.

Morning Routine

Over the weekend, a good friend and her spunky pooch Louie came to visit and spent the day at the farm. We took some great pics but this hysterical photo of Louie is my favorite. He clearly wasn’t ready for the photo-op.

Abby and Louie

Abby James and Louie romped around the pasture all day. I think we may have a dog wedding in our future.

Abby and Louie2

It was innocent fun watching these two love birds run through the wildflowers and enjoy the carefree atmosphere of the farm.

When Abby isn’t frolicking with friends, she’s engaged in a staring contest with the neighbors. It’s a good, good life.

Cows, Sparkle and Abby James

My gypsy spirit is right at home these days living among the wildflowers.

Come wander with me…

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