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Cypress Bayou Farm, Year 1.

Today marks a year at our sweet 7 acre hobby farm in Zachary, LA. On March 4, 2016, we embarked on the adventurous journey of life on a farm, completely oblivious to the twists, turns, surprise expenses and unexpected blessings we would experience in only 12 months. We always dreamed of having a piece of… Continue reading Cypress Bayou Farm, Year 1.

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Fall at the Farm 2016.

Our first fall at the farm has proven to be busy but bountiful. I have fallen in love with our newest rescue Freedom. Amazingly, his calm energy hasn’t budged since his arrival. We thought it was due to him being in a new environment but after a month of being with us, he is still… Continue reading Fall at the Farm 2016.

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Farm After the Flood.

The aftermath of the Great Flood of 2016 has been minimal for us at Cypress Bayou Farm compared to the devastation of so many in our state. On our road alone, people sustained 4-5 feet of water in their homes and the piles of debris at the end of each driveway grow each day. As… Continue reading Farm After the Flood.

Cypress Bayou Farm · House Improvements

The Big Reveal.

Alright, I figured I would have posted pictures of our home since staining the ENTIRE THING but farm life is a busy life. I couldn't find the time with all the ongoing projects and I was really hoping we would be completely finished with the staining project before taking final photos but I can't hold out on you any… Continue reading The Big Reveal.

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Cypress Bayou: A Different Perspective

  Have you ever clicked with someone instantly, as if it were cosmic? That's sort of how me and my girl Alexandra a/k/a Alex started out. We met while taking a course in aerial silks last year. To put it simply, she is my kindred spirit, my soul sistah. She's a Louisiana girl, tried and… Continue reading Cypress Bayou: A Different Perspective