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Cypress Bayou Farm, Year 1.

Today marks a year at our sweet 7 acre hobby farm in Zachary, LA. On March 4, 2016, we embarked on the adventurous journey of life on a farm, completely oblivious to the twists, turns, surprise expenses and unexpected blessings we would experience in only 12 months. We always dreamed of having a piece of… Continue reading Cypress Bayou Farm, Year 1.

Cypress Bayou Farm

Back in the Saddle Again.

Over the beautiful weekend, my cowboy and I took the time to work with Freedom, the newest rescue at the farm which you can read about here and here. Ever since Freedom started his recovery with us not long ago, I have been dreaming of our first ride together. His calm demeanor has always settled my… Continue reading Back in the Saddle Again.

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Fall at the Farm 2016.

Our first fall at the farm has proven to be busy but bountiful. I have fallen in love with our newest rescue Freedom. Amazingly, his calm energy hasn’t budged since his arrival. We thought it was due to him being in a new environment but after a month of being with us, he is still… Continue reading Fall at the Farm 2016.

Cypress Bayou Farm

Freedom at Last.

It was an ordinary afternoon folding laundry when Andrew frantically called me outside. As I walked around the corner of the front porch, there he was standing in our front yard with a horse. It was just starting to get dark and I couldn’t see much detail until I walked closer. As my eyes focused,… Continue reading Freedom at Last.