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Fence Face Lift.

As most of you know, we have been saving for new farm fencing for quite a while now. Not only did we want to replace the dilapidated existing fence but also construct a dog yard in the back of the house for our trio of pooches. Of course we had plans to start this project… Continue reading Fence Face Lift.

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Gypsy in the Garden

I'm not quite sure when my love of gardening began but it’s a love affair that keeps growing with each passing year. When we purchased the farm last year, I was itching to add beauty to the grounds but the house repairs took center stage. I set aside my dreams of a front walkway with… Continue reading Gypsy in the Garden

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Phase 1 DONE!

Between dirt deliveries, hauling drainage rock, digging trenches and installing the main sump pump, my cowboy has worked himself to death over the past few weeks. Thanks to him and his wonderful childhood friend, Phase 1 of the farm's drainage plan is DONE. All we are waiting on is the gutter installation. After digging the hole for… Continue reading Phase 1 DONE!

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Farm After the Flood.

The aftermath of the Great Flood of 2016 has been minimal for us at Cypress Bayou Farm compared to the devastation of so many in our state. On our road alone, people sustained 4-5 feet of water in their homes and the piles of debris at the end of each driveway grow each day. As… Continue reading Farm After the Flood.

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The Big Reveal.

Alright, I figured I would have posted pictures of our home since staining the ENTIRE THING but farm life is a busy life. I couldn't find the time with all the ongoing projects and I was really hoping we would be completely finished with the staining project before taking final photos but I can't hold out on you any… Continue reading The Big Reveal.

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Let there be white!

White windows that is. The day finally arrived and our new windows were installed on Tuesday. You should see me doing a little dance right now - lots of tapping and hand waving! Two days after we closed on our home back in March, a very large storm moved through the state lasting almost 2 days.… Continue reading Let there be white!