Grateful…and so very thankful.

Give Thanks

As some of you may realize by now, this year has been a process of transformation for me. There were times when I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and I was reaching out into the darkness, hoping I would make it through with my sanity still in tact. The pain, the struggle, the growth…oh, the growth. I wouldn’t take any of it back – well some parts I could do without. But ultimately, every tear, every boundary I set, every therapy session and every hard decision was worth it and today, I can say I’m grateful for the struggle.

This Thanksgiving I certainly have a new perspective on life. I think when you make it to the other side of something you feel more equipped than you were at the beginning of the journey. You realize you will be in battles many times over in your life. Battles in marriage, battles in faith, battles in friendship, battles with family, battles with other’s expectations of you, and battles with yourself. I battled them all this year and I survived. You will survive. We will all survive and will be better for it. A little humility never hurt anyone and sometimes you need a big dose of it to show you what is truly important in life. Remember…it is all imperfect progress.

As I gather with family over the course of this Thanksgiving weekend, I will appreciate the love in the rooms and love with a compassionate heart because of where I’ve been and where I am now. For that…I am extremely grateful and so very thankful.


Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

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